Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Event That Changed a Heart by Janna

This is an amazing post from Janna. What I love about Janna is how she is the real deal. There's no fluff with this Mama! Enjoy!

This weekend I attended our church’s Women's Ministry Event. I was on the team who planned and carried out the event, and was amazed by how my involvement proved to be a divine appointment. 
DSC_0048Sure the event was fun – a fashion show, a guest speaker with a phenomenal story, and lunch while reconnecting with friends.  However, it ended up being so much more to me.
My friend Nancy encouraged me last year to join a team with her.  She had participated in planning past events and was stepping up as a team leader.  Our first meeting was scheduled for a Tuesday night, and it was earlier that same day that my daughter’s teacher  approached me about concerns she had regarding my daughter. 
On that day I began the process required to either rule out an Autistic type disorder or to get a diagnosis. It was an emotional roller coaster.  Little did I know when I was recruited by my friend to participate in the planning of this event, that the timing would coincide directly with events in my life to prepare me for this.
During our last team meeting before the event, I was able to tell this story to these ladies – my teammates and new friends - a handful of ladies who for the most part didn’t know each other.
I am convinced that sometimes God reaches down from heaven to put His arms around us by sending certain people & and situations into our lives at just the right time.  In addition to my church friends, I’ve had an outpouring of encouragement from blogger friends with similar stories.

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  1. amen!
    i am so thankful for those unexpected times, when i realize god has orchestrated each detail. he knows my needs more than I do! blogging has really been such a sweet way of connecting and being encouraged too!
    thanks for sharing!! xo

  2. Janna, I totally believe that God puts certain people in our lives at the exact moment that we need them there. He is the master planner knows our needs best. I was so encouraged by this post. It is encouraging to know that through our struggles, we are never alone.

  3. Thanks Katie. Your encouragement and timely posts are further proof of that :)